With the recent development of molecular biotechnologies and instruments, genetic and genomic data can now be generated from any organism almost with no limits. Statistical genetics, aimed to provide effective and efficient analyses and utilization of these data, has thus become one of the hottest, most active and most promising areas of statistics.
The overall mission of our group is to develop a collection of theoretical models and statistical methods for genetic and genomic research in any biological system. In particular, we achieve such a mission by adopting the three following approaches:

  • Use advanced statistical and computational technologies to attack complicated genetic problems;
  • Implement universal biological principles to enhance the power, precision and biological relevance of our statistical methods;
  • Provide a fertile environment for training young scientists in modern research technologies and introduce them to new paradigms in statistical genetics or genomics.

We welcome all interested researchers to join us in pursuit of this mission -- let us work together for a better future

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