The overall mission of the Center is to pursue the development and utilization of powerful statistical methodologies that advance and enable genetic and genomic research in any biological system. In particular, we achieve such a mission by adopting the following approaches:

  • Develop innovative statistical designs for generating new data and hypotheses about the genetic control of complex phenotypes using the latest discoveries in genetic and biological studies;
  • Derive sophisticated statistical and computational tools to tackle complicated genetic and genomic problems related to quantitative inheritance, genetic imprinting, transcriptional profiles, and the genetic regulation of gene expression;
  • Integrate statistical genetic principles into analytical models for systems biology, addressing fundamental developmental questions at the interplay between gene actions/interactions and developmental plans;
  • Provide a fertile environment for training young scientists in modern research technologies and introduce them to new paradigms in statistical genetics or genomics;
  • Promote interdisciplinary collaborations and use the strengths of various disciplines to solve those complicated questions which cannot be solved by any single approach;
  • Create financial support for the research and training in statistical genetics at Penn State University.

We welcome all interested researchers to join us in pursuit of this mission -- let us work together for a better future

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