Dr. Li Zhang will give a talk at Penn State Cancer Institute Building on October 12, 2009.

Li Zhang, from Cleveland Clinic Foundation will be visiting my group in statistical genetics from October 11 to 13. While she seeks for more opportunities to collaborate with us, I invite her to give a seminar here at Penn State College of Medicine. Her talk will focus on the haplotype modeling of genetic control in a case-control design. The seminar will be held in room T4007 at Penn State Cancer Institute Building at 10-11am on October 12 (Monday).


Modeling Haplotype-Haplotype Interactions in Case-Control Genetic Association Studies


Haplotype analysis has been increasingly used to study the genetic basis of human diseases, but models for characterizing genetic interactions between haplotypes from different chromosomal regions have not been well developed. In this talk, I describe a statistical model for testing haplotype-haplotype interactions for human diseases with a case-control genetic association design. The model is formulated on a contingency table in which cases and controls are typed for the same set of molecular markers. We derive the EM algorithm to estimate and test differences in the pattern of genetic variation between cases and controls. Traditional quantitative genetic principles are integrated into the model to characterize epistatic interactions of haplotypes from different chromosomal regions. The model allows the partition of epistasis into different components due to additive x additive, additive x dominant, dominant x additive, and dominant x dominant interactions. A testing procedure is framed to test the roles of each of these components in the pathogenesis of human diseases. Simulation studies and real examples are used to validate the usefulness and utilization of the model.

Li Zhang

Li Zhang
(Cleveland Clinic Foundation)
Penn State Cancer Institute Building,
Room T4007
Monday, 10-11am on October 12.

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