Statistical Genetics of Quantitative Traits
by Rongling Wu Chang-Xing Ma, and George Casella

The book introduces the basic concepts and methods that are useful in the statistical analysis and modeling of DNA-based marker and phenotypic data that arise in agriculture, forrestry, experimental biology, and other fields. It concentrates on the linkage analysis of markers, map construction and quantitative trait locus (QTL) mapping and assumes a background in regression analysis and maximum likelihood approaches. The strengths of this book lie in the construction of general models and algorithms for linkage analysis and QTL mapping in any kind of crossed pedigrees initiated with inbred lines of crops and plant and animal model systems or outbred lines in forest trees and wildlife species. More...

Statistical and Computational Pharmacogenomics
by Rongling Wu and Min Lin

Building a bridge between pharmacogenomics and statistics, Statistical and Computational Pharmacogenomics allows researchers to readily familiarize themselves with this promising and revolutionary area of science. It outlines the powerful statistical techniques used in the fast-growing field of pharmacogenomics, which seeks to understand the relationships between interpatient variability in drug response and specific genomic sites. Providing geneticists with the tools needed to understand and model the genetic variations for drug responses, this seminal work also equips statisticians with the motivation and ideas needed to explore genomic data. More...

High-Dimensional Statistical Genomics in Plants
by Rongling Wu & Song Wu & John Stephen Yap

It is unavailable until Mar 01 2010.

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